VMR V702 Wheels Machined In-house Specifically to the make, model & year of your vehicle!


At Velocity Motoring, we’re recognized to manufacture wheels for European vehicles focusing on BMW, Audi and Volkswagen that use the 5×112 and 5×120 bolt patterns. Refusing customers who appreciate our designs but can’t run our wheels because of a bolt pattern doesn’t sit well with us. Many Japanese and Domestic vehicles use a bolt pattern that’s in between this range, notably the 5×114.3 bolt pattern. The new VMR V702 wheels are machined in-house to any bolt-pattern or PCD (pitch center diameter) from 5×112 to 5×120! This not only means we can supply wheels to a larger demographic, but now Audi and VW vehicles have a variety of widths and offsets to choose from. We’ll no longer decline customers because of a bolt pattern discrepancy; we’ll specifically machine the exact bolt-pattern and center-bore diameter all to your make, model & year of your vehicle.

2013 Brilliant Black A5 Quattro
Wheel Specification:
VMR Wheels V702 in Matte Hyper Silver
19×9.5 +33 with 275/30/19 all around

Audi A5 High Resolution & Desktop Backgrounds

2012 Candy White Golf R
Wheel Specification:
VMR Wheels V702 in Matte Gunmetal
18×8.5 +45 with 235/40/18 all around

Golf R High Resolution & Desktop Backgrounds