The V802: Where Sport and Elegance Meet


Following the success of the V801, we wanted to add another full-face mesh design into our lineup. Enter: the V802. With an aggressive, angular design, the V802 is sure to turn heads with whatever vehicle it’s on. With alternating spoke widths and details that are present throughout the wheel, we were able to achieve a multidimensional design aesthetic where every passing glance reveals something new.


Crystal Black Buff
Given the angular and detail oriented nature of this wheel, we felt it was necessary to create a new finish that would complement those design choices. The result is our brand new Crystal Black Buff finish. With black serving as the base coat; the high gloss clear coat creates a dark mirror-like appearance. The combination of the design of the V802 and this new finish create a synergy that you would be proud to put on your mod list.

V802 Crystal Black Buff

Due to Popular Demand: Matte Bronze
Whether it be our custom powder coat Frozen Bronze, Titan Bronze, or Bronze Burst, there hasn’t been short supply of our customers who want bronze wheels. It’s a color that contrasts perfectly with nearly any body color and really helps your wheels grab the attention of passersby. This got us to ask ourselves, “why don’t we make a factory bronze option?” So, we did.

V802 Bronze

Engineered for Perfection
When we design something that we find to be stunning, it loses a considerable amount of luster if we can’t get it to perform at that same level. As such, we knew that we had to utilize our cutting edge flow form technology for the V802. For the uninitiated, flow forming is a manufacturing process in which the barrel of the wheel is forged using high heat and high pressure rollers. Using this technique allows us to create a wheel that weighs less, while keeping prices competitive.


Range of Options

The V802 is available in a variety of specifications to fit a wide range of vehicles. Combine this with our in-house machining and the result is a wheel that fits more applications than we can count.

V802 Available Sizes

18×8.5 ET35/ET45
18×9.5 ET35/ET45
19×8.5 ET35
19×9.5 ET25/ET35/ET45


18” starts at $325/wheel.
19” starts at $365/wheel.

VMR Wheels V802

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