Flow Formed V810 Lightweight Performance Wheels on Alpine White BMW F30 328i


Our brand new V810 utilizes state of the art flow forming equipment that yields a high load-rating and allows for a lightweight wheel. A lightweight wheel won’t only benefit the overall acceleration & braking over the factory equipment, but increase your overall MPG due to the reduced rotational mass. In addition, track enthusiasts recognize that every ounce counts when it comes to sprung & unsprung weight of the suspension. Take advantage of better lap times, MPG, acceleration and braking with our flow formed V810!

2012 Alpine White 328i

Wheel Specs:
VMR Wheels Hyper Silver Flow Formed V810
19×8.5 ET30 (5mm spacers)
19×9.5 ET40
Nitto NT05
245/35/19, 275/30/19

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