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How you customize your car speaks volumes about who you are, and at VMR wheels, automotive personalization is our passion. While everyone has different tastes, we strive to make wheels that everyone can appreciate. Whether it’s bold and sporty or fine and luxury, we strive to have a wheel that fits your every niche.

But our passion goes so much further than just looks alone. From R&D to manufacturing, we leave nothing to chance in bringing you the highest quality wheels with the highest standard of fitment.


By studying design trends and interacting with enthusiasts such as you, we’re able to bring our best styles, finishes, and fitments from the drawing board to the showroom floor.

From the design of the wheels to our custom finishes, if we don’t have the right wheel and color combination to fit your style, we’ll be sure to make it for you.

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We believe that the best fitting wheel is one that doesn’t require additional accessories for installation, a philosophy that’s rooted deeply in our core.

From the styling to its lowered weight, out of the box and ready to roll, our one-upmanship of the OEM wheel begins at the conception of every wheel we make.


VMR wheels are manufactured in ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities, with a portion of the manufacturing and final finishing being performed here in Southern California.


We take safety seriously.

Every VMR wheel is over-engineered and tested to exceed the strength requirements set forth by JWL, VIA, and TUV.

Many of our styles and sizes are certified by the TUV, with many of them exceeding a load capacity of 1763lbs PER wheel!


Perfection from start to finish. From the paint to the milling, each and every VMR wheel is scrutinized at our Southern California facility before they’re ever shipped out to you.